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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New: Embossed Wood ART Tiles!

NEW!  Embossed Wood ART Tiles by JLynnJewels

This project has been many months in the making...and it began with a dream that woke me up out of a sound sleep...then followed up with lots of what I call "thought snippets" over the course of a few more months.  While I was woodburning my regular ART tiles, I began to plan in my head some "experiments" all while revisiting my past projects dating back to the 80s when I would woodburn with my husband (truth be told...he was always better than me with those lines and shading - so I keep hoping that he'll pick up the tool again).  I confess to loving the smell of burning wood (I know it's odd) - but the smell of wood burning in a fireplace, pit, or when I'm woodburning all bring feelings of comfort and seem to have a calming effect on me - could be the visuals of Smores too... 

So what's new?  Aside from our regular line of Florentine Decoupaged ART Tiles - I've added two styles with my newly developed technique for "Embossed ART Tiles" that feature many of my own Kaleidoscope patterns that I create with multiple pyrographic tools and tips.  You'll soon find these Natural/Stained Embossed ART Tiles in our stores - as shown here...

And you will also see some of these colorful Embossed ART Tiles too...
shown here in a various stages of my finishing process

And you may find some special heat curved Bracelet focals as seen below too...

as well as a variety of Pendants, links and earring pairs

  You know back in February I wanted to share the beginning basics of Woodburning and wrote a short informational Tutorial for those that just want to try their hand at something "new".  So whether you try woodburning - just to try it...or it becomes more than a hobby for you, as it did for me - you'll never know, unless you try!  Fortunately, there are many complete kits on the market that allow you to do that reasonably too - just check out my WoodBurning tutorial from February 19, 2012.

So I admit that my biggest concern when I took on this project was my health, air quality...and safety - especially with any tool that involves heat.   Whether that's a glue gun, an iron, heat embossing tool for stamping, a basic Woodburner, advanced Pyrographic tools, or a Torch and Kiln.  You need to do your homework in terms of not just your set-up - but ventilation as well.  Many items you work with (ceramics, metal, clay, glass, wood) give off unhealthy toxins that could effect your health down the line.  So I'm always reading into everything that's needed in terms of doing what I can do to enjoy what I'm doing for as long as I can. 

So - here's a little share that you will rarely see...because I'm the type of person that likes to stay behind the camera (despite having been in the front of the camera and on TV many times lol).  But since we are talking about safety - I thought I would share a picture of me..."suited" up in my Respiratory mask and my old Corduroy Jacket (which we all joke is my standard "uniform" because most days you can find me chillin' in my jeans, socks/fuzzy slippers and my cord Jacket - or denim and bare feet in the summer months...)!  So don't judge I think I snapped this one at 2am in the morning, so not too shabby of a picture lol (yes I'm a night owl...) - and for the record...I don't have "real" prescription glasses - but do where "cheater" glasses for reading and doing detail work (aka reading glasses) - however, I know it's only a matter of time before I have to graduate to the real ones (sigh...)

When I first started woodburning (in the 1980s...) there wasn't a lot of thought given to air quality and the effect on your lungs.  But since we were labeled as "Occasional Hobbyists" - it wasn't really something that we thought twice about.  If it got a little stinky...well, we would open the window.  Today though, I woodburn for several hours at a time - so doing what's necessary health wise is important (ventilation, fans, exhaust and these very fashionable respiratory masks with filters).  So whether I'm woodburning the edges and creating my bevel frames for my regular decoupaged ART tiles or doing the details carving or woodburning for the Embossed Tiles - I'm definitely playing it safe.

Many of you have asked...what makes my ART tiles different? Well, whether it's my new "embossed" ones or my "decoupaged" Tiles - both are handcrafted with many of my own images, artwork, and patterns - then finished in a high quality technique I developed (similar to Florentine Artisans that use a variety of added on details such as gold leaf, wood carvings, wood burning, and embossing) - each is handcrafted ~ one by one and finished with my own blending of Adhesives, Sealants and Varnish applied in multiple steps in a Fine Art method with lots of high quality layering and sanding, in order to bring you a meticulous finish that is smooth, durable and beautiful.

So to recap...YES - I'm still creating LOTS of tiles...both decoupaged and embossed ~ but if you're still a tad confused with the differences in my various ART tiles....here's the scoop and a little fyi:

Anytime you see a paper image on an object,
and it is adhered in any fashion...
it IS, in fact "DECOUPAGED"

Have you ever wondered what I start out with when creating my ART tiles?  Here they are...freshly cut (and laser cut), top of the line "naked" newbie wood tiles!  I use a variety of wood types (including some hardwoods for my "BEAD" tiles which have an invisible hole running the core of the Tile).  Here's a group picture of some of my newbies waiting to get "dressed" ;)

AND...here's a picture of the recent batch of decoupaged tiles that will be working their way into my online stores...each unique in their own way... 

So remember...

"Decoupage" is the art of adhering paper to an object
"Embossing" is the art of
creating raised or imbedded patterns to an object
I lovingly create BOTH types with my ART Tiles :)

Have a great evening!  OH - and if you've made it this far in your read...well then I'll let you know that if you are one of our blog followers and leave a comment - you have a chance of winning a small pair of EMBOSSED WOOD TILE EARRINGS PAIRS (in tile pair form for your own creations...OR I'll whip you up a pair of earrings if you don't design).


  1. Wow, this was very educational. I've wondered about your process for making the decoupaged tiles. And the embossed wood tiles are just beautiful! I love the colors on the heat curved bracelet focals. You are doing some fabulous work!

  2. I had no idea and have been quite intrigued! Would love to get into wood burning but I think I already dabble in enough fun stuff!!

  3. GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! I've never seen so many finished tiles in one space! All beautiful and I LOVE the new components!

    Lisa Staten

  4. Ooooh, this was an awesome read as always! Not to mention the delicious eye candy... and my Pollyanna sister in her gear made me giggle ;). I love seeing the wood tiles "before" and "after" like that! Just proves what art you create! And I am soooo swooning over all the embossed goodies, but you knew that already ;). YAY!

  5. Wow Janice...abso gorgeous...look forward to them in your shop...I have a cart full of tiles waiting to check out..just waiting for payday...lol Detroit bead show in Sunday..took my savings lol...my first real live bead show...had a blast and got to meet one of the babes..Marla James..had so much fun and got a lot of my metal tools..now I am all signed up for Deryn Mentocks course to learn some cool techniques...ttfn Lana xox

  6. Wow weee girlfriend. Amazing. Your little brain has been busy. No wonder you were so excited to keep it a secret. I LOVE what you are doing. You know so far I have really enjoyed the new and different tiles I have ordered from you. I love the ones with Mike's photography and I love the new shapes. You are really on a roll. I will help you spread the word with my designs and such. You are a great marketer and your ideas are fresh. I am happy I can be a part of all of it.

  7. Oh - you all are so sweet with your comments and compliments :). Kathy - thanks and I always try to share from the Educational standpoint. MoMO...I say dabble away - one can never have enough mediums! LISA - LOL and I'm hoping to put a dent on this pile listing in the near future. JENN - LOVE YOU my Pollyanna Sister! LANA - look for the new thing :) - so happy to hear that you had a fun time in Detroit and I hope you have a blast in class - you'll have to share your creations! And CHERRIE - it has been such a JOY getting to know you and working with you more closely - I love your designs and how you create with my tiles - working with Mike's artwork has been so much fun too - I love the latest Pink design <3

  8. Just had to say, you're so pretty, Janice.

    And I'm still amazed at how prolific you are. You kick butt!

  9. Awww thanks Tina :) yes I love being prolific...and I'm definitely a kicker butter but in all the nice ways lol ;)

  10. Great picture you looked fantastic for 2 am. Holy! That was a lot of finIshed tiles!!!! I wanted to roll around in them!!! Heaven!!! That's for sharing so much detail about your processes. :)

  11. Thanks for posting about your work! The wood burning must take a lot of time! I love the photo of all your finished tiles! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  12. What a wonderful and interesting post, Janice! Also love the pic, by the way. :) The new tiles are incredible, and how fun to see them all "naked".

  13. Janice - you look like you're about to carry out major surgery. If you do gall bladders mine's scheduled to come out next week lol!

    I can imagine the fumes in your workspace with all that woodburning. I have to admit that I do love the slight wood-charred smell you get when you open a gorgeous little package of your tiles though. Reminds me how much work went into making them!

  14. Wow, so great to see what you do in real life. It's hard for someone who doesn't know how to make these tiles to even guess at the process that you use. Thanks so much for sharing, and masks are great for all jewelry-makers! I use one sometimes when I'm filing metal or using sandpaper. You look mahvelous in yours!

  15. Janice, your designs always always always amaze and inspire me!
    The photo of the tiles all spread out makes me want to dive right in there and check out every single one! (You make me want to design jewelry...and that says a lot! hahahhaa! )
    I love your 2:00 am photo.......I wish I looked that good at 2:00 am! hahaa!

    Question, do you have to keep that wood burner plugged in? Seems like it would be on FIRE with all these amazing designs it is being used to create ! LOL :)

  16. Haha Traci - rolling around in them - well - maybe running your fingers through them - I have to admit that is fun :) - SueBeads - thanks for the compliments - and yes woodburning does take time (all of my tiles are finished with smooth edges) but it's time well spent and I love it.

    Thank you Lisa and Mimi :)and Helen I don't recommend my tools for your type of surgery - good luck with that I'll be thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery! RheLeanne - I totally agree - even if it's just a simple paper mask - they definitely come in handy!

    Julie - you're as bad as Traci lol! I'm glad I inspire you too - that makes me super happy <3. And you could design jewelry very easily you know if you ever wanted to - you have the "eye" for sure! HAHAHA on the FIRE! If you really want to know...I have about a 1/2 dozen different woodburners - usually have two plugged in at a time unless I'm embossing then it's 3-4 - because I'm typically switching them on and off to switch tips or simply have a cool down for them ;) :D

  17. These are fabulous, Janice!!
    The colours are amazing, vivid and the texture wonderful!!
    Cannot wait to play with these!!
    You look quite distinguished in the photo!!


  18. I wished it rained some of these!
    Fantastic colors
    Many possibilities for designing, I predict they will be a hit!

    Loved your photo, too!

    Joanna-Gloria, yana_ven@yahoo.gr

  19. You are so cute! Love the new embossed tiles and I know I will ordering some soon. :)

  20. Don't know where I'll be after 30 years in design (a LONG time from now) but your work inspires me. Thanks for sharing.

  21. WOW and AMAZING- Just beautiful!!! I love your talent and the creativity is astounting!! I "dabble" in the decoupaging of wood cutouts and tiles also but yours put mine to shame lolol - I love your work and your article!!

  22. Look for our "WINNER" shortly...;)

  23. And thank you Despina - I don't know about distinguised lol ;) - Joanna...that sounds like a song...but I'm liking this version of Raining Tiles! Kristy, DJ and Kris - thank you!

  24. Good Lord girl...that has to take a long time. I seriously can't imagine how you get it all done, but your stuff is just beautiful. You must never sleep!


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