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Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Do you wanna play in the SANDBOX?
I hope so!

Background...if you don't know about my inspirational giving back project - check out the "Wanna Play in my Sandbox" from a week ago on my blog.  Lots of fun things planned to get you inspired and connect you with other Artisans that might inspire you too - take a peek at our first Designer Highlight - Jennifer Justman of Soul's Fire Designs!  And yesterday my humorous blog post was about our inspirational WORD...and the RANDOM things we notice that inspire us in our creativity (in my case sometimes it takes 10 years for me to notice something that's been there all along lol)!
But the most important part of my "Sandbox" is my quest is to inspire others to be creative! SO...if you're up to playing in my Sandbox...
The CHALLENGE is to use the above photo "Pink Blush" as your inspiration to get creative...in fashion, decorating, arts, crafts, florals, design - you name it - if you are into paper crafts, painting, home decor design, repurposing, visual displays, photography, painting, computer graphics, polymer clay, metalwork, creating beads, and designing jewelry...really anything creative...you're invited to play! 
RANDOM prizes will be awarded in early March!
Simply create something (could be jewelry, art, crafts...or even a visual display, fashion outfit, home decor setting, photo with the colors...the sky is the limit) based on the feeling that the photo above evokes in you...
Take a photo of your creation and submit to me by Sunday 3/12/12 midnight (via email Facebook/Etsy or the easiest uploading a photo to our EVENT album on our J-Lynn Jewels page).  Winners will be announced on 3/15/12! 
It's our 1st SANDBOX CHALLENGE! Are you in??? Are your friends in??? I hope so - because we love to share and have fun in the SANDBOX!


  1. It just so happens..I've been playing with a pink patina :-)))

  2. OH holy cow!!! Yes! I can't wait to see...:)

  3. Yaaaaaay! Challenge! I love challenges! I am so behind, note to self, being ill makes one way behind!


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