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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wanna play in my Sandbox??

There is nothing quite like the feeling of kicking off your flip-flops, sitting down in a Beach Chair and wiggling your toes in the cool sand.  If you're like me...it brings back those childhood days of playing in the sandbox on one of those blue sky, sunny days.  Although, I confess that right now, I'd rather be wiggling my boots in some freshly fallen snow (in our area...we haven't received any snow other than a dusting...so it's not looking like we'll be building any snowpeople or creating any SnowAngels anytime soon)!  However, I think we can manage creating something...because the concept is the same - whether you're a warm or cold weather type of person...you can always play in...


In the emotional, internal sense...the Sandbox
Is a mindset ~ a feeling ~ and a knowledge...
That when you're not feeling up to par,
frustrated with your lack of progress,
or lacking a certain pizzazz for life...
That it's time for a little break...
It's time to let that inner child out
and get back to the basics of creativity 
 by heading out to that happy "Sandbox" place!

All types of Love make the world go round...

So remember to take time-off for you...
Although the world will keep spinning, and time...ticking,
Those that love you, won't forget you, because
We all need time to play, daydream, and create...
It's KEY to rejuvenating yourself,
 and re-fashioning your internal sunshine to be a happier you.

With that said...wanna play??   Of course you do...so let me introduce you to...

where living a balanced life is a passion...
lots of ideas, inspiration, and much more...including:

~Tah-Dah Tutorials/Tips (from JLynn and guests)
~ Play-Days (gottcha curious...don't I??)
~Inspire Me (have a little fun if you dare...)
~Energy Boosters (how to be more productive)
~Organize It! (DIY, Storage & Spaces)
~Popcorn Products (probably NOT what you are thinking lol)!
~The Booty (a Treasure Chest filled with eye candy & goodies!)


"Jewels of Distinction"
A series of Highlights featuring a medley of
Inspirational and Talented Artisans

Each month...you'll get to meet a designer that
caught my eye with their unique style
but also my heart, with their caring personalities
My hope is that by sharing and highlighting their passion for creativity...
you will be inspired and get to know them and their designs better...
and just maybe try your own hand at something creative!

Coming this week...
our February "Jewel"
Can you guess who???
Well, here's a clue...
She is full of sunshine and SOUL...with a special flaire for colors and textures!

Look for the answer and Highlight on Wednesday...Thursday...or Friday...
Have a great evening everyone!


  1. What a generous and fun idea! Cannot wait to see what you have come up with!

    Cathy Obbema

  2. Well that was a really cool blog. I love the way you put words and ideas out there. You never seem to run out of ideas and I can't remember what the question is. I don't know who your guest is. I think you might have more inspirational goodies for us. Is that it. Too easy. What ever you have up your sleeve I love it. You are the bomb. In a really good way.


  3. *bounces up and down* I wanna play!!! Yay for playing in Janice's sandbox! Who else wants to come? I call dibs on the dump truck!! Though, I'll be happy to share :D

  4. I do not usually follow blogs, but this really caught my eye. February surprise...Crafty Chica?

  5. Thanks all! Appreciate the comments :) - lots more to come...we're just building the Sand Castles so to speak this month...;)

  6. Can't wait to see more!

    Lisa Staten


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