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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


JLynnJewels - Fluttering Hearts
featuring the new 1/2" Mini Contemporary Hearts
Red Magma Swarovski Crystals, and Fallen Angel Brass findings


Today is a day of showing your love in small or big ways...and since there is a lot of different types of love (people, friends, hobbies, careers, TV shows, movies, dinners, desserts lol) - I think you should all do very well with figuring out the best way to celebrate a "holiday" that is best known for Cupid and shooting arrows lol.

This morning as I was on my daily commute from the Kitchen to my Studio/Office...I noticed something for the first time ~ it was this...

Do you notice the wood grain is in the shape of a heart???
I laughed out loud and had to go get my camera...because we moved into our house September of 2011...and in all this time...I have NEVER noticed the heart on my floor.  Kind of ironic that I would notice this TEN years after we moved in - and on Valentine's Day of all days!

Yes - I'm RANDOM...Yes - I tend to notice little things and catch the beauty in something little each and every day.  Yes - I love all the things good and positive and yes...a little romance, flowers, and chocolate never hurt anyone.  I don't need anything fancy...and sometimes RANDOM surprises in the form of Reeses Bar and some unusual flowers (which today were provided by my lovely daughter)...

Photography above by JLynn - All rights reserved - copyrighted 2012

So - I thought it would be appropriate for the
WORD of the week to be...


In the simplest form...Random means "a haphazard course...without definite aim, direction, rule, or method  - in my terms...that means that although I wasn't looking for something...I was pleasantly surprised with my findings ;)

Sometimes my creations come from RANDOM places...
Sometimes my inspirations come from RANDOM thoughts...
Sometimes my photos are totally RANDOM due to unexpected circumstances
Sometimes my moods are totally RANDOM too...ummm...no explanation needed
But for me, I love my RANDOM surprises in all things.

So in honor of RANDOMness...
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And if you see things on our Facebook page that haven't been listed yet...as in the following little lovelies...feel free to contact me via Etsy convo's for a special order listing that will be valid for the current coupon codes too...

So hope you find some pleasant surprises in RANDOM things...
that make your heart beat faster and bring a smile to your face!
Happy RANDOMness this Valentines Day everyone!

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  1. Isn't so funny that we can do the same thing everyday and then one day notice something that has always been there, but just never seen or realized. I love all of the randomness beauty of your creations.


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